What is a Cremation?

Cremation Urn

Following the death of a loved one, certain decisions need to be made for how their body will be handled and how their life will be celebrated. Some people will have instructions for their funeral and burial, but some may not. Loved ones may want to consider cremation as an alternative to a burial. Before […]

How Much Do Headstones Cost?


When a loved one passes, the cost of dealing with everything can add up quickly. Yet, along with a proper funeral and burial, most people will want to make sure the headstone is perfect. When it comes to headstones, options range from simple to extravagant and from small to huge. The average cost is around […]

How Do Open Casket Funerals Work?

Saying goodbye to loved ones is always difficult, no matter why they’re gone. Today, it’s common for some funerals to have an open casket, but this may be new to some of those attending. If this is the case, those who are planning on attending may want to learn more about what to expect and […]

The History of Funerals in The United States

From as far back as anyone can remember we have always had one constant in life. That is that no matter what, at some point we will all face death and our bodies must be dealt with. Throughout history there have been many ways of handling the dead and it can vary depending on religion, […]

How Does Embalming Work?

Although not much is known in the general public about the practice of embalming, it is a very common thing to do when there is to be a funeral.  The reason very little is known about this practice is because funeral directors are bound by ethics, much like doctors are, and they do not discuss […]

Why You Should Choose a Family Owned Funeral Home

There was a time when death was handled in the home, and people took care of their family members’ remains before the burial or cremation. With the advent of the twentieth century, however, death was taken over by private funeral homes, where the remains are embalmed and laid out for the services. However, the early […]

What is an Obituary?

Whether you are to pick up a newspaper from your local newsstand or you view an online newspaper edition it is likely that you will see an obituary section. The obituary section of a newspaper is used to inform the public when an individual has passed on. Since obituaries are used to inform the public […]

Five Common Types of Burials

When deciding what to do with your loved ones remains after the funeral is complete there are several options you can look at.  What you choose could depend on whether or not you are cremating the remains or not.  In some cases you have the same options regardless of what you’ve done with the remains.  […]

How to Select a Pallbearer

When you are faced with a decision of who you will ask to help carry your loved one to their final resting place you will need to consider several things including but not limited to, symmetry, age and health of the family members, number of available family members, and of course size and weight of […]

A Guide to Funeral Etiquette

Finding out that a loved one has passed on is a grievous time. Attending a funeral is emotionally stressful for anyone. The last thing you want to happen is not know proper funeral etiquette. Prepare for it in advance with these etiquette guidelines. Exercising common sense and politeness are always beneficial, but funerals have much […]