10 Funeral Ideas For Dad
Funeral Ideas For Dad

You’ve recently lost your father, and now you’re in charge of organizing the burial and reception. If your father left a will, you may have some insight into the types of arrangements he envisioned. Otherwise, coming up with ideas amid your sadness may feel overwhelming. Here are 10 funeral ideas for dad.

10 Funeral Ideas For Dad

You can use any of these suggestions or mix them up! You can have separate ceremonies for different groups. A graveside service may be held for your close family. You can later arrange a virtual memorial service for your extended family, friends, and other loved ones.

Begin by considering how you want to commemorate your father, who you’d like to invite, and your budget. Consider whether your father would prefer a quiet religious ceremony or a boisterous party. Was he a traditional, eccentric, or a mix of both kinds of guy? Make his funeral as special as he was.

1. Virtual Assistance

Circumstances may arise that make attending a funeral in person impossible. Virtual funeral services are an excellent choice in this circumstance.

These can be particularly lovely and personal. Each attendee will have the opportunity to offer their memories and condolences. A virtual service allows you to hear whispered recollections that you might not be able to hear at a regular funeral, wake, or shiva visit.

Furthermore, you will have fewer scheduling and travel difficulties. Loved ones who were unable to be present in person will be able to join you in mourning and saying goodbye to your father.

Live-streaming your service options include:

  • Other meeting tools, such as Microsoft Teams, or Zoom
  • Facebook Messenger video chat or Facebook Live
  • Skype or FaceTime

If you’re feeling out of your depth when it comes to preparing this type of service, hire a virtual planning agency.

2. Ceremony Of Scattering

You could arrange an ash dispersal ceremony if your father’s final wishes included cremation. If your father didn’t suggest a location, choose somewhere special to you—somewhere you can envision yourself returning to visit and ponder.

You can either disperse the ashes in a standard container, or you can make or buy a biodegradable urn. You can either plant the ashes alongside a tree or float them on a body of water if you use a biodegradable urn. As the urn crumbles, the ashes will sink.

3. Unique Location

One approach to making a funeral service stand out is to hold it at a memorable place for your family. Consider a beach ceremony at sunset or an intimate ceremony in your childhood home’s backyard. There are plenty of lovely outdoor possibilities.

Make sure you have a rain plan or inform your visitors that the funeral will take place rain or shine.

If you don’t live in a climate where weather forecasting is straightforward, there are some interesting indoor solutions to consider. Frida Kahlo, the “Thinking About Death” artist, had her funeral at Mexico City’s Palace of Fine Arts! Events are frequently held in museums, libraries, and other interesting settings.

4. Funeral Service

There are numerous options for making the graveside service special.

  • Include a flash mob or bubbles. However, be mindful of neighboring gravestones.
  • Give guests your father’s favorite flower and ask them to toss it on top of the casket as they say their goodbyes.
  • To add charm, use music and candles.
  • To highlight your father’s individuality, share poems and recollections.

5. Traditional Funeral Services

Even if a funeral is typical, you can still incorporate unique features. You can personalize your funeral regardless of whether it is held at a funeral home, church, temple, or mosque. Request that all guests wear your father’s favorite color. Use some dad jokes or maybe a funeral Mad Lib to add some humor.

You can also add an environmentally friendly outdoor grief-release ceremony to a typical funeral. Go outside and float flowers down a river and fly kites or as you say your final goodbyes.

6. Life Is Being Celebrated

A memorial service for your father can be arranged before or after his death.

Your father may be sick or elderly and might like to attend his own funeral. A life celebration event is an excellent method to accomplish this. Recognize your father by throwing a party for all of his loved ones. Request that people write living eulogies, eat their favorite meals, listen to their favorite music, and host an open mic.

If you’re organizing a memorial service for your father after he dies, make it a party that is both celebratory and mournful. This is a wonderful occasion to tell jokes, taste secret family recipes, display treasures, and be surrounded by loved ones.

7. Celebration Of Life

A memorial reception can take whatever form you like. After a funeral service, it can be an enthusiastic party or a simple reception to visit with friends and relatives.

Here are some suggestions for a memorable memorial reception for your father:

  • Organize a family potluck.
  • Put together a smorgasbord of his favorite meals.
  • Make a memorial table.
  • Show a video montage or a slideshow.
  • Invite family and friends to give presentations.

8. Vigil By Candlelight

As a touching memorial to your father, have a candlelight vigil. Gather everyone around sunset. Once the sun has set, light the candles and take in the beauty of the neighborhood and your father’s spirit. A prayer, psalm, poetry, speech, or moment of stillness can all be led by you.

Tip: If you’re not going to provide candles or light, make it clear on the invitation that your visitors will need to bring their own.

9. Online Memorial Service

You might wish to hold an online memorial in addition to an in-person event if you don’t want to hold a reception. An obituary, photo album, visitor book, and community forum are all common features of online memorials.

10. Themed Welcome

Plan a celebration that is all about Dad, whether he enjoyed golf, grilling, music, or painting. Decorate the area with your father’s favorite pieces of art. Make your centerpieces out of toy clubs or golf balls by hiring a local florist. Include activities and music that your father might enjoy.

Final Thoughts

When all of the end-of-life rituals, services, and receptions are over, it’s natural to feel like you’ve arrived at a fork in the road. Whether your connection with your father was simple or complicated, losing him causes sadness. Losing a parent is a difficult and frequently life-changing experience.

If this is your first parent to die, you may be surprised by your range of emotions. You may have been responsible for your father’s care in his later years, but no longer are. For example, feelings of relief may accompany this. If you’ve also lost a parent, you may be experiencing feelings of isolation and anxiety.

Whatever emotion you’re experiencing, remember that it’s normal and that you’re not alone. When you miss your father, try to think of ways to cope. Make contact with family and friends who can help you. If things become too much to handle, bereavement therapy is always a good option.