10 Funeral Ideas For Mom
Funeral Ideas For Mom

How do you say goodbye to the woman who gave birth to you or was a significant part of your life? Funeral arrangements for your mother or stepmother might be stressful. Many people find it difficult to make decisions when they are grieving. We’ll provide you with 10 funeral ideas for mom, as well as suggestions for how to decorate for the occasion. We’ll also offer suggestions for what to include in the funeral program to commemorate your mother.

10 Funeral Ideas For Mom

Before you start freaking out because you think you need to add another task to your to-do list, keep in mind that most people don’t decorate for funerals. Some folks utilize flowers, plants, and mementos to soften the funeral home’s stark aspect. Some people, on the other hand, may spend some time following the funeral arranging the venue for the celebration or luncheon. Here are some decorating suggestions.

1. Use Your Mother’s Favorite Flower or Plant To Decorate

While a coffin spray or a standing floral arrangement is typical at funerals, some individuals leave the flower selection to the florist. Instead, consider which flowers provided your mother the most delight. Ensure that those blossoms are used in every arrangement.

Are those particular flowers out of season? Instead, use silk flowers.

Make the bouquets even more meaningful by using flowers from your mother’s garden (or other family gardens).

2. Make A Photo Centerpiece For Each Table At The Reception, And Decorate The Memorial Table With Ribbon

On the tablecloth-covered memorial table, arrange ribbons in a variety of lengths and patterns. This is a simple and inexpensive method of attracting attention to the display. Make use of colors that were special to your mum.

If you’re planning a meal or reception for your mother following the ceremony, try using photo centerpieces on each table. Throughout the decades, use your favorite photos of your mother.

3. Invite The Family’s Children To Make Signs

It’s possible that this is the family’s first-time experiencing grief. People can become so consumed by their own sentiments that they fail to assist children in sorting through their complex emotions.

Gather some art supplies and invite your family’s children to make cards and posters for your loved ones. Ask them to sketch or write a poem about how much Grandma/Grammy will be missed.

4. Include A Poem And Use Your Mother’s Artwork

Was your mother an accomplished artist? She was a quilt maker or a potter? Maybe she had a talent for needlepoint or crochet. Consider using some of her artwork to adorn for her burial, regardless of medium.

Many individuals include a poem in the funeral program of a loved one. Poems about a mother’s death are available. If none of them strikes a chord with you, consider penning your own simple verse. Poems don’t have to rhyme or follow a set pattern; simply write from the heart.

You might want to add some of your mother’s poetry in the program if she was a poet.

5. Give Suggestions For Memorials

The majority of the time, requests for donations to specific memorials appear in the deceased’s obituary. This wish could be repeated throughout the funeral program. You can include additional information about the organization or directions on how to make a donation.

6. Include Some Of Your Mother’s Favorite Verses or Quotes

Some people have beloved renowned quotes or Bible verses displayed in their homes. What were some of your mother’s favorite sayings? Consider using those quotes in the funeral program.

Was your mother known for her clever quips? Consider incorporating some of these quotations in your mother’s funeral program if she was a one-liner queen or was quick to offer quotable advice.

7. Anecdotes

While it is normal for families to add obituaries in funeral programs, remembrances are less common. Consider drafting your mother’s life story for her memorial service. Include things like her favorite high school topic or how she met your father. Describe what made your mother unique.

8. Include A Meaningful Ceremony In The Order Of Service

Even if your relatives are unable or unwilling to speak or perform in front of others, they may be willing to take part in a lovely service honoring your mother’s life.

Each generation should be given a different flower hue, and the great-grandchildren, grandchildren, and children should each place a single stem on the casket. You might even hold a solemn candle-lighting ceremony with the participation of the wider family.

9. Make A Butterfly Release And Play Significant Music

In some regions, butterfly releases have grown popular. Ascertain that the release will not hurt the native butterfly population, and perform this lovely ceremony in honor of your mother.

Do you remember your mother’s favorite hymn? Regardless of whether it is a “popular funeral hymn,” consider having it sung at the event.

Select the music that will accompany the photo slideshow with care. What music did your mother’s life have as a soundtrack? Instead of music linked with death, use those songs.

10. Instruct Guests To Dress In A Specific Style or Color, And To Select A Casket

In obituaries, more people are including precise directions for funeral attendance. If your mother prefers casual attire, have guests wear jeans to the occasion. If pink was your mother’s favorite color, have guests wear it at the event.

You may wish to acquire a personalized casket or urn if you have enough time before your ceremony. Caskets and urns come in a variety of colors and styles.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to say goodbye, but funeral ideas for your mom quietly feel good. Giving a souvenir to funeral attendants has become more popular in recent years. A package of flower seeds known as “forget-me-nots” is a typical and affordable “present,” and you can buy customized seed packs with your mother’s name or photo on them.

You can also consider purchasing tree saplings, depending on where you reside. As the funeral attendees see their trees flourish, your mother will be remembered for years. You might also hand out “cause bracelets” to attendees at the funeral to raise awareness about the condition that stole your mother’s life. Families will sometimes present trinkets or charms as a reminder.

Use your imagination when giving the gift. Was your mother a voracious reader? Give each guest a bookmark with your mother’s name and a photo.