How Much Do Headstones Cost?

When a loved one passes, the cost of dealing with everything can add up quickly. Yet, along with a proper funeral and burial, most people will want to make sure the headstone is perfect. When it comes to headstones, options range from simple to extravagant and from small to huge. The average cost is around $1,000 for a headstone, but there are a lot of factors that can have an impact on the exact price.

Materials Used

The materials used for the headstone can make a big difference. Marble and granite are both popular options today, with marble being more expensive. On top of the upfront expense, marble does require more upkeep to keep them looking good. They do appear to be a higher quality than granite, but those looking to reduce costs may want to opt for granite due to its lower upfront cost and reduced maintenance needs.

Cost of Creation

The cost for the creation of the headstone can vary based on the type. The four most common types today include flat markers, bevel headstones, slanted headstones, and upright headstones. Flat markers are the least expensive, running between $200 and $700 on average. Upright headstones are the most popular right now, but they are also the most expensive, coming in at $2,000 or more.

Engraving the Headstones

The average amount paid for engraving is around $500. The price is based on the number of characters to be engraved. On granite headstones, it can average around $20 for each character, so the more there is on the headstone, the more expensive the engraving will be. The least expensive just has a name and dates, though some people do add quotes or images, which can add to the cost.

Headstone Installation

The installation costs for the headstone will vary based on location. The average is around $200, though some places are far less expensive and some may cost a lot more. Due to the fragile nature of the headstones, care must be taken during transportation and installation, which is why this cost can be higher than some may expect.

Other Factors That Impact Cost

Other factors can impact the cost of the headstone, as well. If there are any additions made to the headstone, such as attaching a place for flowers, this can add to the cost. Headstones designed to be larger than average will have higher costs not only for the materials but for the transportation and installation, as well. There are also ways to save money on headstones, such as by purchasing packages or buying from certain locations, but care does need to be taken to ensure the quality is up to par.

If you’ve lost a loved one and are planning on purchasing a headstone, take the time to learn more about your options and make the right decisions for your needs. This is something that will be in place for many years, so you’ll want to make sure it looks great, even though that can raise the cost a little bit.