How to Plan a Green Funeral

Green funerals are a concept that are picking up steam among funeral planners these days.  There is a lot of emphasis in our day to day lives directed to making our lives and lifestyles more environmentally friendly.  People are driving battery operated cars, and installing solar panels on their homes and offices in order to reduce their carbon footprints.  Thousands of people each year are choosing to extend this same care for the environment into their post life transition. 

We all recognize that we will die eventually but very few people actually think ahead to how they can do so while putting the least amount of strain on the planet.  First off choosing to rent a casket for your funeral will avoid the destruction of countless trees and will help you reach your green funeral goal.  You might choose Bio Cremation or Green Cremation instead of traditional cremation, even requesting donations to charity in lieu of flowers can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your green funerals or end of life celebrations.  Let the flowers stay in the field and help scientists find cures to the disease or disorder that ended the life your beloved by donating to that charity instead.

Each funeral planner will certainly have his or her own ideas for what they would like to do in order to keep their funeral either very traditional, or traditional and green at the same time.  Your funeral director will be able to help you find new and exciting ways to ensure your green funerals go off without a hitch. 

Green funerals are a fantastic way to pay homage to your loved one while continuing to respect the up and coming generations.  Renting a casket is something that most people over look but not only is it a great centerpiece for green funerals it will potentially save you thousands of dollars.  Why buy a casket if you are just going to bury it or burn it anyway?   Save 5 trees by using an existing casket and then leaving it behind for another family to use for their loved one. From the outside no one who attends the funeral will know that your loved ones casket is not brand new and purchased, only you and the funeral director will know it is a rental.

As the environment gets worse and worse the government is creating more and more regulations to protect it, it is only a matter of time before green funerals are the only option available.  At present green funerals might seem like a strange or different thing to consider but the more we have them the more common they will become and likely in the near future green funerals will be the new traditional funeral.

Whether you are the first in your family or you are carrying on the tradition, green funerals are an option we should all consider carefully.  Not only can green funerals save you money, they can give your loved one a respectful and beautiful send off.