Top 10 Funeral Songs For Grandfather In 2022
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Grandfathers are often the patriarch of the family, the one who has been there through it all. They are a source of wisdom and strength, and their loss can be devastating. They help shape who we are and who we will become, and their memories will live on in us forever.

The pain of losing a grandparent is unlike any other. For many, it feels like a part of their own life has been taken away. If you are tasked with planning your grandfather’s funeral, it can be not easy to know where to start. What songs should you play to commemorate his life and celebrate his legacy? When it comes time to say goodbye, there is no more excellent way to honor your grandfather than with a beautiful funeral song. The following article will discuss the Top 10 Funeral Songs for Grandfathers. These songs are sure to bring comfort and healing in this difficult time.

These songs are of different types, including:

Traditional Funeral Songs for Grandpa

Traditional songs play an excellent role in sending off a grandpa. It gives everyone a moment to remember the good times and how he has impacted their lives. Here are some traditional songs that would be nice to play at a grandpa’s funeral:

“Peace in the Valley” by Johnny Cash

Peace in the valley is a song that is often played at funerals. It is about the hope for peace in the afterlife. It’s the best for grandfathers who have passed away. The song is also a great way to remember the good times you had with your grandfather. The beats and lyrics are simple, but the message is profound.

“Love Without End, Amen” by George Strait

George Strait is an American country music singer referred to as the “King of Country.” This song, released in 1990, is about a father’s love for his son. The lyrics are appropriate for a grandfather’s funeral because they speak to the never-ending nature of love. It’s the perfect song for believed family members to listen to as they reflect on their grandfather’s memories.

“Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” by Willie Nelson

This song by Willie Nelson is about a man who has lost love and struggles to keep going. It could easily be applied to someone who has just lost their grandfather. Its lyrics talk about how the person is trying to find their way back to happiness.

“Life Without You” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

This beautiful song is about the pain of losing someone you love. It is a song that anyone who has ever experienced a loss can relate to. The lyrics talk about how empty and lost the person feels without their loved one. This song would be perfect for anyone struggling to cope with the loss of their grandfather.

“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was an American jazz musician and singer who was one of the most influential figures in music. Released in 1967, this song is a hopeful ode to the world. It’s perfect for those struggling to make sense of their grandfather’s death. The lyrics talk about how beautiful the world is, despite all the sadness and pain.

Modern Funeral Songs for Grandpa

Modern songs are becoming more and more popular at funerals as they help reflect the deceased’s life and provide comfort for those left behind. Here are ten modern pieces that would be perfect for playing at your grandfather’s funeral:

Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw wrote a beautiful song about living life to the fullest and not taking anything for granted. The lyrics are incredibly moving and would be perfect for playing at a funeral. It is sure to bring comfort to those who are grieving.

“Hurt” by Jonny Cash (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

This cover about depression and addiction is a modern twist on an old classic. It is perfect for those struggling to cope with the loss of their grandfather. The lyrics talk about how much pain the person is in and how they are trying to find a way to escape it. The songs are compelling and will resonate with anyone who is grieving.

“I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan’s song is about the pain of losing someone you love. The lyrics talk about how the person will never forget their loved one and how they will always be in their heart. This song can be used for any grandparent, but it is especially appropriate for a grandfather.

“When September Ends” by Green Day

This song is about loss and how those we never love leave us. It’s a perfect song to remember a grandfather who has passed away. Its lyrics are also very fitting for a funeral service.

“Heaven Was Needing a Hero” by Jo Dee Messina

Grandfathers are heroes to their grandchildren. This song is about how heaven needed a hero and how the person who passed away was that hero. It is a beautiful tribute to grandfathers everywhere. Its lyrics are sure to bring comfort to those who are grieving.

“Fix You” from Coldplay

Another beautiful song a grandfather would like is “Fix You” by Coldplay. It is about being there for someone when they are struggling. The lyrics talk about how the person will always be there for their loved one, no matter what. This song would be perfect for playing at a grandfather’s funeral.


Can I Play More Than One Song at the Funeral?

Yes, you can play more than one song at the funeral. You may want to choose a few songs that reflect your grandfather’s life and personality. You can also pick pieces that will bring comfort to those grieving.

What if I Don’t Know What Song to Play?

If you struggle to choose a song, you can ask family and friends for suggestions. You can also lookup lists of songs that are appropriate for a funeral service.

How Would I Choose a Song for My Grandfather’s Funeral?

The best way to choose a song for your grandfather’s funeral is to think about what he loved and what would have made him happy. You can also choose a theme that reflects your relationship with him.


Grandfathers are an essential part of our lives, and their death can be complicated to cope with. Choosing the right song to play at their funeral can help to reflect on their lives and bring comfort to those who are grieving.